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November 7, 2022
October 2022 Construction Update

Maine Township Referendum Project

October 2022 Update



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No neighbor issues to report.  



Current Progress

All 3 schools fully occupied with small projects wrapping up at each location.

All schools will have punch list work to complete over the next several months.  

All schools will have Owner Training and Commissioning to complete over the next several months.

Maine East:  

Fieldhouse concrete replacement is complete.  Shotblasting and moisture mitigation also completed since last month.  Flooring installation is ongoing.

Pool Steel joist install is complete.  Roofing has started as have MEP overhead install.  After overhead work is done the ceiling and soffits will be installed.

Pool Locker Room walls and ceilings have been framed.  Overhead install is ongoing and once complete we will start the drywall work.

Tech Offices flooring will commence now that waterproofing work is completed.

Maine South:  

CTE Corridor Work is ongoing.

Pool ceramic tile is ongoing.  Gutters and curbs are complete.  Ceiling work continues to make good progress.  Light fixtures, ACT ceiling are wrapped up and duct sock (HVAC) is starting.

Fieldhouse gym equipment is wrapping up.  Center curtain is now installed.  Final touch ups ongoing.

Maine West

Elevator installation is complete.  Working on punch list, training and close out items.


Construction Budget

Construction Budget update will be provided in the November 2023 meeting.

Bid Period No. 5

Bid Period No. 5 Results presented at October meeting.