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March 9, 2020
Procurement Continues for Construction Projects

The District is fully into the procurement phase of the project. 

Bid Packages – The District has over 25 bid packages on the street these bids are scheduled to be opened on March 5. Pepper Construction will perform scope review and provide recommendations for award at the March 16 Special Board of Education Meeting. These bid packages contain all of the Phase 1 work and a portion of the work in later phases. As part of the bid recommendation a comparison to budget will be performed. 

Packing/Moving Plans – Several meetings at each building have occurred to develop a plan for student workers, storage, timing and overall implementation of the spaces that need to be moved during spring break and the end of the year. The following spaces will be impacted

Maine East

  • Dempster wing 1929 section spring break and summer break
  • Potter wing north portion summer break
  • The three-story original gymnasium area summer break construction extends into school year
  • A portion of the athletic area (trainer, AD) summer break construction extends into school year
  • The bookstore summer break construction extends into school year

Maine South

  • West portion of 3rd floor A-wing spring break and summer break
  • Main Office and auxiliary spaces in old Administration center spring break construction begins
  • Classrooms and large group spaces on the south and east of library summer break

Maine West

  • A portion of D-wing spring break and summer break, construction begins on a portion during spring break
  • Lower C-wing spring break and summer break
  • Upper C-wing summer break
  • Parking lots E and a portion of D summer break, E becomes the fieldhouse, D will be impacted by storm water vaults

Phase 1 New Furniture – Meetings have begun with each building to share the furniture and finishes of the Phase 1 new furniture.  Wight will be providing a recommendation for each space based on the needs of the students/teachers and the overall budget.  In most instances several options have been developed and evaluated before the recommendation was made.  Criteria included:

  • Meeting the needs of the student/teachers
  • Quality and warranty of the products
  • Maintenance and cleaning of the products
  • Cost of the products

Cost, while being an extremely important factor, was not the only factor.  A table that has a higher quality and warranty is likely less expensive to the District when looking at total life cycle costs.

Phase 2 Design Meetings – Meetings have begun for the remaining areas and will continue into the summer.  Hundreds of hours will be spent with the end users to influence the design and ensure the spaces meet the needs of the educational program.

Below are upcoming milestone dates:

  • March 16, 2020 Special Board Meeting for Award of Bid Period 1 (Please note we are requesting that the regularly scheduled Buildings & Grounds Meeting becomes a Special Board of Education Meeting to award these bids)
  • March 20, 2020 – Start Spring Break Flooring Abatement (all schools)
  • May 11, 2020 – Mobilize to start work