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June 10, 2020
Procurement of Construction Project Materials Remains a Priority

This report includes an update on neighbor relations, details related to a project summary,  COVID-19 impact report, construction budget and second bid period design.


There have been minimal impacts / discussions with the neighbors.  We remain cognizant of noise concerns relative to work hour activities.  This will be scrutinized more closely as the exterior work / additions commence.  And residence will start to open their windows as the weather improves.


Spring Work

Procurement of material remains a priority and takes a lot of effort from all parties: District, PCC and Wight & Co. At any given time there are more than 300 submittal deliverables crossing between these parties. This process is essential in ensuring material and equipment arrive in time for completion of the work. Delay scares associated with the pandemic have subsided but that still does not mean materials we need are sitting on  a shelf. 

We have issued all Bid Period No. 1 Prime Trades and continue our on boarding process as more and more labor force show up on our projects. The amount of labor force at each site is starting to rise with the completion of demo and abatement. Opening up more areas for the mechanical, electrical, fire protection and plumbing trades to start their overhead rough in installation.

Maine East: Demolition of out buildings completed and starting the excavation and foundation process for the new addition. Interior demolition in classroom spaces are completed and overhead MEP/FP rough in has commenced. Demolition of the Potter Wing attic has commenced while the District diligently wraps up moving out of that space.

Maine South: The courtyard has been cleared and excavation has commenced for the dining room addition. Site clearing is also underway for the corridor link to A Building. Abatement and demolition are wrapping up in the renovations areas which is opening up MEP/FP rough in work in over 90,000SF of space. New partitions are also commencing over the next few weeks to start defining the new spaces. 

Maine West: Site demolition has started to make way for the fieldhouse addition. Interior demolition is wrapping up and MEP / FP rough in is underway. Additionally major floor section of D Wing have been infilled after the removal of the existing creosol flooring. The C Wing wrap is also being demolished to create the new ADA accessible ramp.

COVID 19 Impacts

Weekly Owner / Architect / Contractor Coordination remain remote via Google Meetings but the District and Wight continue to be present at each campus as needed to resolve issue and monitor the progress of the work. 

Temperature screening remains on going at all three schools. All staff and tradespersons continue to adhere to the screening guidelines as well as the CDC guidelines related to Covid 19.  

Wight & Company worked diligently with the State of Illinois and MWRD over the last month to receive all permits less the Maine West pool. This permit is issued by the Illinois Department of Public Health with whom we are having communication issues. Wight remains active in attempts to obtain this permit. Team is currently reviewing the schedule for this work and devising options for a Go / No Go discussion.

Construction Budget

Through May 10, 2020, we have expended roughly 8% of the contingencies and allowances. Many of these expenditures were known items such as the Builders Risk policy that PCC is providing. Costs were still being reviewed at time of award and once determined it was more cost efficient for PCC to carry the builder risk these costs moved from an allowance to a committed expenditure.

Bid Period No. 2 Design

Wight and Company continues with design meeting related to the balance of the work which will become Bid Period No. 2.  Focus Group Meetings have commenced and wrap up in May. The design development package will be issued in mid-June and PCC will provide an estimate update in late July for District review.

Current milestone is that we have early BP2 packages starting in late August with majority of work being issued for bid November 1, 2020.