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October 3, 2022
September 2022 Construction Update

Maine Township Referendum Project

September 2022 Update


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No neighbor issues to report.  


Current Progress

All 3 schools fully occupied with small projects wrapping up at each location.

All schools will have punch list work to complete over the next several months.  

All schools will have Owner Training and Commissioning to complete over the next several months.

Maine East:  

Fieldhouse concrete installation ongoing currently.  Still tracking for November completion.

Punch list on going in multiple spaces that were turned over at commencement of Spring Semester.

Pool has steel joist being installed and masonry is substantially complete.  Enclosure after steel completion.

Poll Locker Rooms have MEP overhead ongoing.  Masonry walls are complete as well as underground plumbing.

Maine South:  

Corridor Work finishes are continuing on 2nd shift.  Area being completed is E-W corridor between cafeteria and kitchen.

Pool area drywall ceilings and soffits are framed.  Drywall and taping installation ongoing.  Painting starting over the next week.  Gutter work is ongoing.

Pool Locker Room tile is wrapping up and toilet partitions are being installed. 

Punch list ongoing in all other recently completed areas.

Maine West

Elevator Installation is wrapping up.  Punch list activities in all other areas.

Construction Budget

Construction Budget update will be provided in the October 2022 meeting.

Bid Period No. 4

PCC expecting BP No. 5 is out to bid currently.  Scheduled to be presented at 11/7 Facility Meeting.