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NTCA Guidelines and Session Make Up

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Year 1:  The first year of NTCA focuses on introducing new staff in district 207 to our foundational practices in cooperative learning, assessment literacy and differentiated instruction.  In addition, first year members attend informational sessions on a variety of school practices that are essential for success in our district.

Year 2:  The second year of NTCA focuses on a deep dive into the area of assessment literacy and cultural diversity.   Participants will also explore topics in special education during one session and another session will be devoted to a new instructional strategy for student engagement.

Year 3:  The third year of NTCA focuses on literacy and technology integration.  During the first semester year 3 NTCA members will enroll in one literacy workshop and the after school sessions will be focused on supporting the implementation of that learning.  During the second semester the NTCA sessions will focus on transforming units of instruction through technology integration.  Participants will implement ideas in between sessions and share success and challenges with the group.

Year 4:  The fourth year of NTCA is devoted to a mini-action research project.  This is an inquiry project in which the fourth year staff member will pick something to implement in their practice and collect data in order to analyze its impact.