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Accessing Health Care

Steps for accessing general care services

  • Parental authorization is required before a student receives most services at the School-Based Health Center
  • Student or parent makes an appointment with the School-Based Health Center, either by phone or in person.
  • Student is seen by School-Based Health Care professionals for the scheduled appointment.

Every student seen at the Maine Township High School District 207 School-Based Health Center completes a risk assessment for drugs, alcohol, sexual activity, diet, and depression. This not only allows the clinician to identify problem areas but also provides a template for counseling and treatment. With regards specifically to mental health care, the student may be referred by school staff (i.e., teachers, counselors, or social workers) or identified as benefiting from additional care by School-Based Health Center professionals after needs are identified during a general care appointment. Of course, students or parents may also initiate care by making an appointment by phone or in person.

Insurance and fee information

  • Most services available at the SBHC are free to any student regardless of insurance status or the ability to pay.
  • There is a charge for school and sport physicals. Students with private insurance or who are uninsured are charged $25.00. Cash or check is accepted and payment is required at time of services. This fee can be waived or reduced for those who qualify for free/reduced lunch. Students who have AllKids insurance through the State of Illinois will not have to pay the $25. They are asked to bring in their AllKids medical card, and the State is then billed for their physicals. The School-Based Health Center does not bill any private insurance companies.
  • Immunizations are free for students who are uninsured or have AllKids insurance. These vaccines are provided through the Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) which has strict guidelines on who can receive the VFC vaccines. Due to the requirement from the State of Illinois regarding the Tdap vaccine, the School-Based Health Center has purchased this vaccine to be used on privately insured students. The fee for this vaccine is $45 payable by cash or check. The School-Based Health Center also purchases a limited amount of flu vaccine which is offered to the privately insured student at no charge. No other vaccine is available in the School-Based Health Center for the privately insured student.
  • We do require that parents fill out insurance information on the consent form, but this information is only for reporting purposes.