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Maine 207- How to Request Transcripts 

For Current Students (Class of 2024 only) for Colleges/Universities

For Current Students (Classes of 2024, 2025, & 2026) for Non-Colleges or NCAA Eligibility Center

For Class of 2023 Alums


For all other Alums (Class of 2022 or earlier)

Current Students Only (Class of 2024) for Colleges/Universities

We recommend waiting to hear detailed instructions on how to request transcripts for colleges during the first few Advisory lessons of the school year so that the following instructions make sense; *Official transcripts for the Class of 2024 will be ready beginning the week of 9/5/23. DO NOT ORDER DIRECTLY USING PARCHMENT!

Step 1: Access Application Manager.  Then hover over the Colleges icon and click College Applications.


Step 2: Select the school that needs a transcript by clicking the pencil icon next to the school either under Incomplete or Completed & pending.


If it’s a new application, you’ll need to click on “Add application from list” in the top-left, fill in the details of the type of application, and click Save Application. Next, you’ll see the application details page.

Once on the application details page, you will notice that any required documents from counselors (like initial and midyear transcripts) are automatically requested. You do not have the ability to change these requirements, but if there’s something you would like added to this list, you can reach out to your counselor in the Message Center.


Step 3: You can view the history and status of the requested documents by clicking Show History for more details. Once the transcript is sent and viewed by the college you will see a Doc ID available from Parchment.


Current Students Only (Class of 2024) for Non-Colleges or NCAA Eligibility Center

Step 1: From the dashboard, click the School icon on the left navigation sidebar, then select Transcript Requests from the drop down menu.


Step 2: Click the Send Official Transcript button.


There are three different ways you can send your transcript to non-colleges:

  • NCAA Eligibility Center
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address


Step 3: Select the method you will use to send your transcript.

  • NCAA Eligibility Center: The email address for the NCAA Eligibility Center will automatically appear. Click Send Transcript.
  • Email Request: Fill in the organization name, receiver name, and receiver email. Then click Send Transcript.
  • Mail Request: Fill in the organization name, receiver name, and address.Then click the USPS Validate button. This will make sure the address you put in is correct. You can either select the USPS address or select the address you typed in. Then click Create Request.



Step 4. Track Transcript Request: 

  • After you send your request, you’ll see your request, the date you requested it, and its status.
  • When the transcript has been sent, you’ll see the status change in Transcripts Request History. If the destination type is Electronic, you will also see a Document ID once the transcript is received by the recipient.

For Class of 2023 Alums:

Step 1: Login to SchooLinks (you changed your email info during the senior survey to a non-Maine South email) 

Step 2: Find the transcript button in this screenshot. Then follow the steps as instructed. 


For all other Alums (Class of 2022 or earlier):

Register here for Parchment to submit transcript requests electronically. If you need more assistance, please contact the registrar at the school from which you graduated. 

Maine East: Jenny Cardona:  847-692-8532
Maine South: Kerry Belville:  847-692-8212
Maine West: Jan Veit:  847-803-5755

Transcripts requested online are sent securely to the colleges, universities, or scholarship funds that you select. You may track your request online, and you will also receive an email notification when we approve your transcript request, and again when your transcript is mailed (or delivered electronically, based on the delivery preference of the destination that you selected).

*If you are a Maine 207 graduate and originally registered for Docufide using your Maine 207 e-mail address, you will want to update your Profile in Parchment with a current e-mail address after signing in.