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District 207 COVID-19 Vaccination Site Information

Updated 2/25/21

District 207 to Provide COVID-19 Vaccine to Educators

After nearly two months of efforts, District 207 has partnered with Advocate Lutheran General Hospital to provide COVID-19 vaccines to District 207 and other school and park district teachers and staff designated as Education 1B staff in the area.

“We are so pleased to be able to partner with Advocate to provide this for our staff and other educators as well as local park district employees,” Dr. Wallace says. “As we work to get all students back in school, this is an important first step in that process, and it has been important to District 207 from day one in this effort that we work on behalf of all Township educators. Many of our staff have struggled to get appointments because they are teaching or supporting students during the day. This will make getting an appointment much easier for them over the coming weeks.”

Any staff member who wants to receive the vaccine will be eligible to receive it through this program. Vaccines will be ordered through Advocate and assigned to the District 207 School Based Health Center located at Maine East. However, the actual vaccines will be administered at the AAH COVID Vaccination Clinic located at the corner of Potter and Church Street in Des Plaines. The address is 9375 W. Church Street, Des Plaines (this is the former Nathanson School).

It is anticipated that the vaccines will begin to be administered starting on Monday, March 8. Staff are signing up to be eligible for this opportunity following an email from Dr. Wallace earlier today to all staff. As part of that staff email, Dr. Wallace shared: “We are so pleased to offer this opportunity for you to receive the vaccine. Thank you for your patience as we worked through the details.”

It is anticipated that up to 200 vaccines will be administered per day through this program for educators. Among those who can take part include 1B education staff from Mary Seat of Wisdom, Embers Academy, St. Andrews Lutheran, St. Paul of the Cross, Northridge Preparatory, Messiah Lutheran, Des Plaines Park District, Niles Park District, Park Ridge Park District, District 62, District 63, District 64, District 79 and District 26.

In addition, District 207 is in continued talks with the Advocate and the Cook County Department of Public Health to create a community vaccination site at Maine West High School to help continue to vaccinate the broader community beyond the education staff.

“I want to thank Advocate and CCDPH for their partnership with District 207 on this effort,” Wallace says. “Getting our teachers and staff vaccinated is so important, but this is a greater good effort. Now is the moment in time when we can finally work together to get everyone vaccinated and get our communities, our schools, our businesses, and each other back to living a more normal life. We are going to do whatever it takes to help our communities move forward safely.”

“On behalf of the District 207, we want to thank Superintendent Wallace and his administration, Advocate Aurora Health, the staff of the District 207 School Based Health Center, and the Cook County Department of Public Health for their collaboration and partnership,” says Paula Meyer Besler, District 207 Board of Education President. “The combined excellence of all these partners to vaccinate our teachers and staff of the many schools and park districts in our community and to make our overall community even safer is beyond commendable and deeply appreciated. We look forward to our continued work together on this.”

Updated 1/29/2021

The following is the latest information related to Maine East hopefully becoming a COVID-19 vaccination in the form of an email that was sent by Kevin Jauch, Regional Superintendent of Schools for ROE 5.

———- Forwarded message ———

My Friends,

I am very disappointed that efforts to establish vaccination sites at area high schools have not been fruitful. I wish I could say that I have good news on that front and that things are progressing, but that does not appear to be the case. 

In a meeting yesterday afternoon with Cook County Health and the Cook County Department of Public Health (yes, those are two different entities, though working together) the three Regional Offices of Education were basically told that CCH and CCDPH cannot promise any of the high school sites we submitted will be utilized as sites for vaccinating educators and/or educational support staff. 

They said the best way at this time for educators and educational support staff to get vaccinated is to go to this website and register: Cook County Vaccination Registration 

Forward that link to ALL of your staff members, if you haven’t done so already! 

CCH and CCDPH told us that registering via the above site assigns you a number and a place in the cue. When your time comes, you will be contacted and, based on your zip code, you will be offered sites where you can make an appointment. Unfortunately, how quickly the line moves is based on the number of doses available, and we are being told that the supply is very limited.

You can also register for vaccines in the county where you reside. Here are links with information for several surrounding counties:

Please feel free to pass those along to your staffs if you haven’t already.

You are also probably aware that some Jewel/Oscos, Walgreens, Marianos and other retailers are providing vaccines. Here is a link to the State of IL’s vaccination locations page.  

CCH and CCDPH claim that they are working on setting up large “pods” where people can go for vaccines. I know the Tinley Park Convention Center is one, but I have not officially been told that any others have been set up. I will let you know as soon as I become aware of any large pods in our area.  

CCH and CCDPH conducted a site visit at a South Cook County High School this morning. I have been told that the site visit was productive, but the location has not been approved. I am hoping that is a good sign for high school usage, but I am not sure if that bodes well for us in North Cook.

I know that this is frustrating and that you are getting pressure from your boards, unions and communities. I will continue to advocate for our educators and educational support staff. As relevant information becomes available, I will let you know.

Thank you for your patience. Hang in there!


Updated 1/26/2021

District is looking for volunteers in the event Maine East becomes a vaccination site. More details are here:

Updated 1/25/2021

District 207 is working to serve as a COVID-19 community vaccination site, which would be housed at  at Maine East High School, 2601 Dempster, Park Ridge, 60068.

The district is making preparations but at this point is still waiting on further information from the Cook County Department of Public Health and final approval as a site.

Once more information is available, it will be posted here on this web page.

At this point the district is encouraging anyone eligible for the vaccine to sign up for regular updates from Cook County about the vaccine at: Once you sign up, you also have access to information about available vaccination appointments through Cook County.