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Professional Learning

Maine Township District 207 provides courses that introduce staff to key concepts, theories and practices that are foundational to the adult learning pathways. All non-tenure staff members are enrolled in these foundational courses during their first four years in the district. There are also a wide variety of additional learning opportunities that are offered for staff to be able to contine their adult learning journey throughout the entireity of their career in the district. These additional learning opportunities include additional district courses, #207learn sessions and self-directed learning and collaboration.

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District Courses

District courses are designed to provide ongoing learning opportunities that address the adult learning competencies that comprise each of our 5 adult learning pathways. The courses are designed to engage staff members in critical thinking and reflection about their practice as well as an opportunity to design plans for immediate implemenation in their work with students. Maine Township’s adult learning program is built upon a train the trainer model, as a result all district courses are facilitated by our own staff members. To view a complete current list of the district’s courses staff members can log into Frontline Education, the district’s professional development management system.

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The #207Learn series is a monthly series that highlights a district staff member implementing a high impact instructional strategy. These series typically feature an instructional technology tool that is being utilized as a resource to implement an instructional strategy. Each series includes a video from the teacher’s classroom, a video tutorial on how to implement the resource and strategy with students and follow up in person sessions with teachers or coaches in order to further learning and discussion.

Self Directed Learning

Maine Township staff members have an opportunity to engage in self-directed learning and collaboration of their choice once each month. There are sessions offered in each building that are aligned to district goals and the competencies that comprise our adult learning pathways. Staff members can also choose to engage in their own independent study during this time.