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Chromebook Selection Process

Over the years, the process of selecting Chromebooks for an incoming class of students has changed as Chrome OS and the Chromebook market have both evolved. Currently, the process for selecting Chromebooks utilizes the following model and time frame:

  • January – All Chromebooks in the market are identified and outlined with a focus on:
    • features (including form factor and input methods)
    • technical specifications
    • durability
    • price and warranty
    • shipping date
  • February – The district’s Technology Leadership Team conduct this overview and identify specific Chromebooks that will be considered for purchase for the following school year for the incoming class of students.
  • March – From among the Chromebooks that have been identified for further consideration based on the factors above, sample Chromebooks will be brought in, as available, for hands-on use and consideration by Technology Team leaders at the district- and school-level, by teachers and Instructional Coaches, and by the student Tech Geniuses at each of the ChromeDepot technical help desks in our schools. These students and staff members all participate in evaluating the devices through forms and focus groups. Formal bids are received for each model under consideration from vendors. The district’s Technology Leadership Team will select a Chromebook based on the student and staff evaluations, pricing and warranty coverage, and availability provided from re-sellers and manufacturers.
  • April – In early April, a purchase is made. Purchases may include protective cases along with the Chromebooks, at times within the same purchase and at other times as a separate purchase from a separate vendor. With newer convertible Chromebooks, accidental damage protection has been purchased in lieu of a protective case.
  • May and June – Chromebooks arrive and are enrolled and prepared for student use. Incoming students participating in Summer School receive their Chromebooks for use in Summer School.
  • August – Any new students who did not participate in Summer School receive their Chromebooks before the students return for classes.